Window To My Journey

I use to sit alone at home
In an almost empty room

One hand tapping at my wine

The other at my gloom

Through 15″ of glass I held

A window to the world

Where I could chat with yearning

And feel the comforts of my burning

Who am I, I must be fear

But crosses in each room appear

They hang in vain by my despair

Above each door and up the stairs

Where is my freedom key?

What’s happened to my life?

My fingers tap at instant speeds

Through with Christian strife!!

Something else appealed me now

Truth I’d never seen

Didn’t take me long to vow

This is where I should have been

But God had a different plan

Way beyond this shallow Woman

To go and He’d show me clear

What it is I truly yearn to fear:

“You have to seek and you will find

The Glory in this land of Mine

You cannot justify My laws,

They’re verified, They’re just Because,

I AM the Great I AM I say

Today Tomorrow EVERYDAY

No child of mine will seek and fail

To have the Joy in My detail

You have but to be ready child

I’ll give you just a little while…..

To see a god without the love

Of which is perfect from Above

The Son I sent who lived to die

Jesus that they crucified

I didn’t have to have or choose

You DID so that you wouldn’t lose

All I meant for you to be

Purified when they saw Him bleed…

NOW you will spend your last of days

Giving Me thanks and prayer and praise!

I call you back into my fold

Then refine you as of silver and gold

And in the end you’ll come and stand

In front of Me in Glory land

‘Overcomer’ from the start

Because you sought me from your heart

And I saw how much that you did need

The One who is THE King indeed

I loved to watch how you loved ME

“Come Child, Enter your eternity………….”

Donna, 06 OCT 06

Psalm 37:31

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