Campfire Bible Studies

Topical, one hour Bible Studies available through this website:  GIVING HOPE TODAY!

Just finished a series on “7 Deadly Sins” including handouts.  Email me to order topics on line.  Step by step instructions.  Student questionnaires designed to get people thinking about each sin and the consequences.  Life lessons included.  Specifically designed for laypeople….no church doctrine.  Only the Bible is used as a reference:  King James, New King James, New International versions.  Students can bring their own Bibles to the study and at the end of each study there will be a clear understanding of the topic.  When requesting a study — Contact Sharon and I will email you back.

The “Rapture” is available to download NOW!  Including a Hand-out for your group!

Some topics are:  “Heaven”; “Judgment”; “Indecisive Christian”; “Hope”; “Faith”; “2nd Coming”;

“The Bible–“Origins of …”;  “Predestiny”;  “Obedience”; “Holy Spirit and Faith”;  “Soul and Spirit”;  “End of Days”;  “Angels”;  “What does it mean to be a Christian”

Allow 4-6 weeks to availability!  I am on Blue Heaven in the 1,000 Islands, so it takes some time to upload your request!

Please feel free to copy and use any of these materials for your own small group!


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