New Day!

Something stirs down deep in the soul
Spiraling down into a deep, dark hole;
When a call is made and the message given
Your whole world changes and then its driven;
By tests, appointments with decisions made.
Whispers, sighs, wide-eyed stares that fade;
A glance, a face mirrors a frown forlorn
Not knowing what to say, not wanting to mourn
When news from the doctor throws a curve your way
Just what do you share and what do you say
Many facts fly around in your soul, in your head
And there are days it is hard to get out of bed
But then there are small rays of dawning hope
There is laughter and joy then somehow you cope
Through each day, facing fear with despair
When you suddenly remember who is always there
Right by your side, with a protective arm
Our Lord, Our Protector, Our Shield Against Harm
Jesus takes no vacation from watching over us
He just waits patiently, while we stew and we fuss
But life is so fleeting, so busy, so fast,
Eternally, soon, all hope will be cast.
At our Lords feet, with every head bowed
Then tests and calls and looks avowed,
Will mean nothing in the presence of our Lord
Where every hurt, wish and pain is abhored.
Only peace, love, hope with no pain, abound
Joy, grace, light and mercy will be found.
No more will we see this world as it is
All the pain will be washed by pure happiness!
No doctors to come in with wrinkled brow
Just Christ’s loving arms and unwavering vow
That the lamb will lie with the lion
And we grow under the Light of the Begotten Son!
Christ will rule and He will reign
Over sickness, death, or even earthly pain
Remember always it is eternal life we’re given
By God’s devine Grace a New World from Heaven!

Revelation 3:12
February 9, 2000

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