Octopus Addiction!

Addiction is the Octopus with tentacles holding you tight.
Breaking away is the greatest battle you will every fight.
People think it’s easy: “All you have to do is say no”.
You can tell they aren’t hooked or they wouldn’t think so.
Powerfully, addiction poisons the body and alters the mind.
Saying “no” and “doing it”, is the hardest job you’ll find.
Traumatic are the changes you go through as you unthaw.
When from your brand of poison, the body tries to withdraw.
Physically and mentally the heavy tolls are taken on you.
As you starve the body from what it’s accustomed to.
Realistically, in truth, it’s not just a matter of saying “no”.
But if you have the strength to fight, the Octopus will let go.
Hang in there and fight the battle with all you have to give.
You might be lucky and beat addiction with a life left to live.
Submitted by “Trouble”

Note from Sharon:  Addiction touches everyones life!  No one person is exempt!  Addiction comes in many disguizes as well:  a cigarette, a weekend drunk, a glass of sherry every night, sex, cocaine, grass, TV, sports!  Anything that grips your life and holds on pulling you away from God is an addiction!  However, there are some good addictions:  Prayer, Bible reading, communion with God, church, Bible study, Titheing, charity work, smiling, Worship!  And the one addiction I love:  Seeking the Will of God in my life!  We have all heard for years how smoking and drugs can destroy lives and I won’t go into all the propaganda but we have experienced what extreme addiction can do within our own family and the more there is a dependence on anything other than Jesus–the destroyer, that serpent of old, Satan, creeps in and steals time, money, devotion, love and honor!  Don’t let that happen to you: stay focussed on our LORD and His Precious Son, with a dependence and addiction toward accepting the Holy Spirit as part of your life, to guide and direct your path!  How strong you become!  How dependent on all that is good and peaceful, full of hope and promise of everlasting life with the one and only true God!  Join Addicted to God and stand strong and pride to be His child, living under His protection forever and ever!  Addictions cannot be fought alone!  Don’t!  Turn to God, on your knees and when you turn your will and control of your life over to Him, he will cleanse you, make you all brand new:  no longer full of yearning for what had you in its grip!  You can’t do it; but God can!
Sharon, Psalm 124

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