Roller Coaster Ride

When you least expect it; you are launched on an emotional roller coaster ride. 
Your life becomes topsy turvy; up and down; no way off, no place to hide.

The soul aches; eyes cry; you get depressed and question your ability to cope. 
Your breaking heart screams in your breast; as you see the fading light of hope.
Be courageous; hold tight to your faith; don’t give up no matter how long it takes. 
Find reassurance in the knowledge; those who love the LORD; He never forsakes.
Your personal ride on the emotional roller coaster; may be short; or may be long. 
Prayer; is the way through this nightmare; and the only way to keep you strong.
There are a variety of reasons for being on the emotional roller coaster ride. 
The most devastating reason of all is: when someone you love had died.

Trouble, Matthew 13:21

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