Illusion of Freedom, Nahum 2:4

Touring on Harley motorcycle, is one fantastic ride.
It’s the number one machine, built with American pride.
As you go riding mile after mile, day after day.
You feel rejuvenated, like when you were a kid at play.
Living your life outdoors means every kind of weather.
You must become tough, just like your trusty old leather.
Early morning you are apt to freeze, later on you will fry.
Sometimes you get extremely wet, after awhile you’re dry.
Truly, comfort and convenience are seldom, if ever there.
The wind can really tie some awful knots in your hair.
Riding a motorcycle, there are many hazards to be found,
Rainy streets, to a blow out, can throw you to the ground!
“Do you know the greatest dander that every bike must face”?
“Sadly, it’s the animosity from the rest of the human race”!
Why are we bikers”? Why is it a motorcycle that we ride?
For the freedom to feel, like going to Heaven and died.
You are not locked in a box, the equivalent of a tin can.
The very latest of modern inventions, made by a man.
Riding on a motorcycle you are surrounded by God’s things.
The wind plays music to a Harley bass, and your Soul sings.
You experience the world around you; you are not shut away.
Touring on your Harley motorcycle, day after precious day.
Riding on a Harley is stimulating to all your senses.
There are no barriers between you and nature; no fences.
With all the world’s regulations, rules, laws, and codes.
The illusion of freedom, is biking down one of life’s roads.

Nahum 2:4

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