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Marty responded to a posting:  Court Sets Holiday, Category: Sharon’s View From Here!
He was not happy with the joke and took offense to it as an Athiest! Below are his comments and I welcome more comments!

My response is as follows:

Thank you Marty for clearing this up……sometimes God uses sinners like Tamar (the harlot that tricked Judah in Genesis 38) and she became an ancestor of Jesus Christ.  Sometimes I use things like this story to make a point.  Often people get a message through laughter.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.  However, the comment did provoke some interesting viewpoints.  I do not claim that all my submissions are 100% without fault, but who and what is without fault on this earth!  We are not a perfect people!  But, I do try to authenticate as much as possible, but certainly not jokes, though.  To me this was a joke!  How could a statement like…..there is no God; be taken seriously by anyone?  Have a good day!  God Bless, Sharon!


Marty’s Response:

Well, it’s taken seriously by me, and about 14 million other American atheists. If you count the agnostics, the nonreligious (that is, those who don’t go to church at all, but prefer no label), the number of people who take the statement “There is no God” seriously rises to about 48 million.  That’s about one out of every six people you meet, if you ever stop quoting Scripture long enough to venture out amongst the public.
America’s secular community: secular humanists, atheists, agnostics, the unchurched, and anyone lives without religion or a spiritual worldview is one of the most rapidly growing minorities in American life—the percentage of Americans reporting no religious preference on surveys has doubled in the last ten years, making seculars America’s second largest “belief group,” second only to Roman Catholics (holding steady at 23 percent) and soon to surpass Catholics in numbers. Every other religion has declined, and only Southern Baptists hold more than a 10 percent share of followers. So when I say that seculars are a minority, then yes we are, but we’re larger than every single religious group in the United States, save Catholics. And although Christians make up about three quarters of the population, I think that we can agree that Evangelicals, Congregationalists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Seventh Day Adventists, and the rest are nowhere near close enough in their beliefs to be considered one group.
And since you like “jokes,” here’s one for you:
Dr. Frankenstein needed a brain for his monster, so he sent Igor to get one.
“Make sure it’s not damaged,” he said.
Igor returned with a brain and said, “I’m pretty sure this one’s not damaged. I took it from a Christian, so you know it was never used.”
Dr. Frankenstein frowned and said, “Yes, it was probably never really used, but I can’t use it either. Christians brains are defective from the start.”
Did that offend you? Well, now maybe you know how I feel when I see “jokes” like the one you posted at my expense. Why don’t you try explaining the benefits of Christianity in a positive way, rather than using your blog space to tear down others and call people names. That’s not very Christian.
Or better yet, why don’t you read your entire Bible, not just the pieces that your leaders have marked as “safe.” But please keep it to yourself until you finally get it–that it’s just a collection of stories made up by bronze-age goat herders and self-important yarn spinners. You don’t want to get into a Scripture-quoting battle with me. Not only will you look uneducated and foolish, but you’ll learn uncomfortable truths before you’re ready. 
I took my stats from a recent press release from the  Council for Secular Humanism. It should answer your question of how the question of God’s existence could be taken seriously–and by how many.
Best to you,

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