Tribute to Al Lavia – 2 Corinthians 5:8

So often Christmas Day goes by in a blur,
Presents, food and laughter overflowing, for sure!
Then a phone rings the next day and there is a silent pause,
When a shining light disappears without a clear cause.
We lost a neighbor, a friend and a Brother in Christ,
When Al was taken home while beside his precious wife!

For those who didn’t know Al, then let me share:
Alfonzo Lavia was a man who showed others how to care
Feisty, Montreal born with an Italian flaring streak
His faith made him strong, yet humble and meek!
We grew close, sharing faith, during this summer past
With a respectful friendship we knew that would last!

Al quietly cut our grass with no thanks or fanfare
Cooking an awesome lasagne that none could compare,
Hours would fly by while we studied the Word
Al wanted private lessons, growing closer to our Lord!
He had a faith easily seen, yet innocent and pure
Al wanted nothing more than to share God for sure!

So many things about Al we could easily boast about:
But Al’s love for his God, Liz, family, there was no doubt!
Al will be sorely missed around the neighborhood too!
He was a dear friend to many, asking if he could help you!
His cooking, his reading, email, learning, in his special way.
Max and I saw a test of faith and Al stood by Liz that day!

There is one certain thing and of this I know:
Al knew when he passed, where he was destined to go,
He spoke of Heaven and he knew God was there
With strong faith Al loved it that Jesus could bear:
The pain of his loss when he was taken home
A raptured Liz to greet when her work is honed!

We won’t say goodbye to this dear, special soul
We will see him again cuz we know where to go
Liz, family, take comfort that Al is in God’s precious care
Al’s faith and God’s Grace landed him there
So long, dear, kind and gentle friend,
We know with our faith, we will meet again!

We love you, Al, and we already miss you!

Sharon, Max, Thelma, Billy, Sheila and the rest of “the gang”!
2 Corinthians 5:8  “We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from body, and to be present with the Lord.”
If you wish to leave a greeting to Liz, please do so by tapping “Comment”.  Liz and Al contributed to Giving Hope Today and Al’s contributions have been appreciated!

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