Abortions Must Stop! Exodus 20:13

Abortions must stop, cries out the heart
How can anyone with conscience try to part
That precious life so dependent on mom
And ripped from a nest too early to come
Battered and beaten, torn away from God’s Love
Where He tenderly formed each hair, from above
What must God think when we rip and we tear
As angels greet each baby soul so dear,
Can we get any worse while we murder and maim
Those that do will face our Lord, in shame
For each of our names are written on God’s lips
Because He made us, even them that rips
That precious baby from that precious place
Remember, some day you will be face to face
And the judgment will be quick and be sure
When death stalks there is no redemptive cure
Salvation comes only through accepting our Lord
His forgiveness can cover abortions we abhor
Stop the pain, stop the death, stop the kills
Turn to God, for only He can successfully fulfill
That emptiness found when there is so much pain
At the thought of a child and nothing to gain
Remember that our Lord will see you through
Any and all what life has in store for you
Abortion is not the answer to anyones plea
Turn to God; Turn to Jesus; and you will see
When acceptance comes, then His Spirit is there
To guide, to help, to strengthen, to care
A Child once born, thank the Lord above
Without that Child, would we have selfless love!
Sharon, Exodus 20:13

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