Beauty In The Tears! John 14:3

Have you ever seen a Mothers face

At the coffin of her child?

It’s little consolation that

She held him “for a while”

Have you ever seen the tear

Of a man about to die?

Passing through the veil of God

Without the blinking of his eye

Have you seen a sister’s love

As she struggles to provide

Any moments comforting

To her brother as he cries

Have you seen a family join

And the neighbors and the friends

In times where words just fail us

Are just helping, caring hands

Have you heard a prayer for you

Inside your aching heart

I pray you’ve had just one of these

Before your time to part

This sadness I embrace today

I will never be the same

To feel and see the love shine through

What we had to let slip away

To see the beauty in the tears

Of the family and the true

Is the precious day I’ll carry

Til it’s my turn to pass too

Donna  June 09

In Loving Memory of My Uncle, Daniel E Downs

04-03-46 to 06-05-09

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