Twin Flags! Mark 6:56

There are two nations where flags proudly fly
With the sun shining through a fearless blue sky
Flags earned by battle, during times of strife
A liberty symbol for basic human rights
Colors boldly sing of red, white and blue
Stars and a red leaf symbolize hope renewed
Rich soil full of flowers shadowed by flags grace
Marching soldiers with honor etched in their face
Defeat or triumph over enemy’s distant shores
Justice rules this land; independence soars
Emblems stand for freedom our countries share
Precious rights of two nations that equally care
About their people rooted in divided origins 
One for all and all for one is where bonding begins
Ocean shores, Rocky Mountains, prairies and fields
Streams, trees, wildlife and crops rich in yield
Canyons, Miles of Sand and in forests children play
Free to worship, free to travel, free to dream away the day
Every cloud has a silver lining, behind darkness deep
Governments faced head on with promises yet to keep
Challengers rise to the top, then officials may fall
Walking wounded become wise, but for some, not at all
Whatever your cross, whatever glory, whatever pain
There is a promised rainbow after the rain
American or Canadian, each bear country pride
Freedom carried a price marked by those who have died
Bonded by land; dotted by waters so blue
Our nations stand for laws both tried and true!
Twin flags standing righteous, as they gently fly
Ten Commandments root our people side by side!
What a blessing to be neighbors in this very special way
More like a big family just a border away
Hold fast to the heritage our flags represent
Freedom for all on our shores that God has sent
For ‘In God We Trust’, country slogans cry out
Bring your broken, your tired and those full of doubt
And through each struggle, each scar, each gripe
Flags fly a maple leaf, the stars and the stripes 
For Canada and America embrace all willing to live
For integrity, dashed with pride, both crave to give!
So if there is any suffering, sorrow or despair
Just look to the heavens, see the flags flying there
Know it stands for your rights, for honor held high
Liberty, Love, Peace and Joy is our nations joint cry
Remember the rainbow, how it showed a promise to be
Bonded together under God, we shall fight to stay free
So each time you see our twin flags gently sway
Connected by respect, just a heartbeat away!
Keep honor and pride in our countries so fine!
God Bless America; God Bless Canada two nations entwined!

Sharon van Dyk

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