What is “willful sin”? Hebrews 10:18-26

When we become a Christian, must we obey God at all times and what becomes of our “Free Will”?
2 Chronicles 26:5 – 1st: Seek the Lord
Ezekiel 20:11 – 2nd: Know we all must abide by “Laws”!
Are we Alone in our struggle to be obedient?
Psalm 31:19 – Jesus is our refuge in all lifes “storms”!
Romans  3:23 – Redemption for “all” our sins!
Luke 11:13 – Let’s not forget the Holy Spirit!
John 14:16, 26; 15:26 – What is our guide?
Can we ask for forgiveness over and over and are we forgiven?
Live It! Do It! From the Heart – The Lord knows our heart! Ezekiel 33:19
Heart, soul, strength, mind – We are all those things! Luke 10:27,28
Is there really an “unforgiveable sin?” – Matthew 12:31,32
Can we forgive other’s sin?  – Mark 2:7
What is “willful” sin? – Hebrews 10:18-26

The Bible has all the answers…for more on Disobedience….Contact Sharon

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