Daniel Does Not Eat It!

Daniel was a courageous 15 year old prophet, captured by the Babylonians, brought to the kings court, with his friends.  Staying faithful to his God, Daniel did not compromise his values by eating meat offered to idols or by bowing down to the idol of the day, even when ordered by a servant of the king!  When a king announced a “decree”; he meant:  anyone who disobeyed the kings “decree” could lose his head!  Or at the very least, be fed to the lions!  However, Daniel would not bow down to the the king.  Instead he made a deal with the servant; a challenge!  Daniel did not pray in secret.  He never prayed in darkness.  He prayed openly, with his friends, and in shared fellowship, he prayed.  Did he worry that a servant of the king might see him?  Or perhaps an enemy of his faith and would report him to the king?  Daniel was faithful, loyal to his Lord!  His challenge was rewarded and Daniel did not have to eat of the rotten meat!  Pretty brave for a 15 year old boy!  Our study progresses into the statute and its interpretation!  I definitely admire Daniel!  We, including me, could all take a page from his Book!  Numbers are relevant in the Bible:  10 means “testing”!  Daniel was put to the test in Chapter 1; can’t wait to see what happens in Chapter 2.

Sharon, Daniel 1:15

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