May You Have A Merry Christmas!

I leave you for a few weeks while my family and I take a vacation on a cruise ship.  I wrote this poem yesterday as a message to all those that enjoy saying “Merry Christmas”  See you in the New Year!  God Bless You All!

A CHRISTMAS STORY!!!!!!!!!……….

In a stable full of straw on a winter night of light
A babe was born of a virgin amid danger and strife
With a David heritage, loyal Joseph shadowed Mary
While God became visible to make human history;

At  birth He was King, so men gave Him gifts of three
Shepherds fell down to worship, bowing graciously
Our Father loved His Son, as He left Heavens throne
Just as Christ does with us, never leaving us alone;

Now who was this babe King born on a winter night
A Savior who is the way, the truth and the life
A Messiah, A Rock on whom foundation is found
With the greatest gift offered:  Eternal Life abound;

So, Christmas is not just a date we mark every year
Heaven sang at Christ’s birth, while a star became clear
Son of Man came to seek and to save which was lost
Knowing the rescue price, on a cross, it would cost;

A simple night called “Christmas” is so much more
An act so divine and pure, it opened Heaven’s door
A chorus of angels exploded as light pushed away dark
Accept Christ as your Savior and receive His Sacred mark;

His name is Wonderful Counselor, Redeemer, Prince of Peace
Saving us all with a love full of hope not to cease
Christ, became like us, so we could be like Him
Reaching down from above, freeing us from sin;

Freed from darkness, Christ pulled us into His Precious Light
King of Kings, Lord of Lords, ruling through God on the right
Holy Spirit overshadows us like the Virgin long ago
To share with others a Salvation seed in which to grow;

God sent His Son on that first Christmas night
To save mankind from Adam’s destiny plight
The Word became flesh, on the wings of a dove
Spreading mercy, grace, justice and never ending love;

So shout to your friends, your family: Hope was born
Immanuel: God with us; in human form
What joy, what truth, we are free at last
No more guilt, no more shame, no failures past;

Christ took all that from His birth to His death
Resurrected for you and me to dispel all myth
Rejoice and Praise God for sending us His Son
This is why I say: Merry Christmas Each and Every one!

Written by:   Sharon, Luke 2:10-11

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