He Died For Us! Psalm 91:4

There is passion for all sorts of crazy things
For sweets, treats, bobbles and pretty silver rings;
This time of year brings out the foolish, the silly
Bunnies, eggs, candy and  sometimes dresses, all frilly
None of those things belong during Easter time
Let me speak of what should be revered and I’ll do it in rhyme!

From the moment that Eve plucked the fruit from the tree
Jesus stepped to the throne of God and said, “Please, let me”!
The Son of God defended us from the very start;
Why?  Because HE loved us and did not want us apart!
Disobeying God, Adam and Eve sealed our fate
Listening to that demon devil, from the tree did eat
But Jesus knew there would be a price to pay
Sacrificing his life, so in God’s Grace we could stay
Suffering departure from His Father’s love
For those hours on the cross, God watched from above
No one, you see, could pay the price of sin
No goat, lamb or bird could redemption win
Only pure blood could be shed as a price
Only God’s son could melt every heart of ice
Jesus loved us so, He risked it all
Absent from God’s love, He answered sin’s call
Beaten, bruised, with a crown of thorns
Scouraged, whipped, mocked and His precious flesh torn
As the ultimate price to wipe the sin slate clean
And pull us back in God’s grace, fully redeemed
Only Jesus could do that, for He was sin free
A perfect man into Hades for the prophets to see
Then risen and ascended to His Father’s right hand
So each of us that believe can rightly stand
In front of God’s throne, while HE judges each one
On bended knee, Jesus speaks on what we have done
Our faith in the cross, the blood, and in HIM
Gives us passage to Heaven, totally free from sin
To rule and reign with Jesus for a 1,000 years
No more pain, no suffering and no more tears
So, on this Easter season, take some time to think
About our Redeemer and know that in a simple blink
We may be taken home to Heaven, for we ALL must die
Keep faith in our Lord, and be prepared to cry
Hallelujah, Praise God, come soon, My Lord
Take me home to be with you, forever more!

Sharon, In Celebration of what Jesus Did For Me!!!
Hebrews 11:1
Psalm 91:4
1Thess 4:15

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