Pay for Answered Prayers? Matthew 6:1-13

It saddened me when I went to post a prayer request through one of my links that claimed to be Christian and since the site was new to me, I thought I would try posting!
Selecting the link, the website looked as it should, a representation of Christianity.  I proceeded to fill in the blanks and I carefully worded my prayer request for my friend in need.
As I answered each question such as: “How important is this request?” another question popped up until I saw:  Please select the amount you would like to submit, with this request.  Iimagine my disdain when upon wanting to leave the site without selecting an “appropriate” gift amount, I got this popup on the screen:

He who gives of himself receives all which is asked.
“Give, and it will be given to you. For with the measure you give, it will be measured to you in God’s gifts.” (Luke 6:38)
The Bible tells us repeatedly that the most important way to have our prayers answered is to have faith, and give with overwhelming generosity.
Give when times are tough, give when it does not seem that giving is possible, and God will reward your faith with His generosity in answering your important prayers quickly.
100% of your offering goes to support the Christ xxxxxx Center, enabling us to broadcast your request to thousands.

Please select the amount you would like to offer with your request.

WOW!  Then, I clicked on “submit” and got this message:
“I’m sorry, but we cannot post your request without an offering. There are too many in need of powerful prayer at this time, so we can only broadcast requests that have made a seed offering.”

Pay for prayer….Is this what was meant by Jesus when he taught us to pray?  Did Jesus request an ‘offering’ to the Synagogue Center before prayer would be answered?

NO! NO! NO! and do not be deceived by these wolves in sheep clothing!  They are there to line their own pockets with coin and no matter how good something sounds; if there is a price tag attached to what is freely given by our Lord; run, don’t walk away!

HEAR THIS:  Jesus taught us to pray and when HE talked of giving, HE refered to the heart.  Give oneself over to serving God!  A measure of offering is dependant on what one can give to serve the Lord:  not on what God will give you because you paid for it!  God gives in abundance!  God wants us to have ALL HIS blessings:  All we must do is believe!  Believe HIS Son paid a price for your life and there is no amount of money on earth can be given for that price!
Beware of those that request money for something God will do for you!  They cannot speak for God!


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