Blessings, Titus 3:8

How is it possible for us to live in communion with God without examining ourselves every day as we interact with each other.  Each moment we live it is in reaction to each other.  Without obedience to God and duty to our calling we cannot claim to be Christian and therefore we do not then reflect the true nature of a Christian.  If we quench our devotion to the Holy Spirit indwelling in us, we are disobedient to God.
We cannot go from strife, anger, judgmental attitudes to God.  Selfishness, a stubborn will, unsympathetic to the sufferings and sorrows of other men or womenen, will darken our own hearts, and hide the face of God from us.
So, we must keep our focus on God, our minds open to the teaching of His Word, our spirits joyful and delighting in looking for His daily blessings!

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