Campfire Bible Study, Archangels, Jude 1:9

Michael “Who is like God”

Michael is one of the four chosen archangels, the second one to be mentioned by name in the King James Version of the Bible,  to stand beside God’s throne with Uriel, Raphael and Gabriel.  Michael is the gatekeeper of Paradise.  Michael records the names of persons who earn everlasting life.   Daniel 12:1
Michael took God’s laws to Moses and brought future Revelations to Elijah.    Exodus 24:12
Michael is a patron and defender of Israel against her enemies:
Daniel 10:5-6; 10:21
Michael fought with Satan over the disposal of Moses body:     Jude 1:9
Michael is the leader of the righteous angels in a battle that ends with Satan’s fall from Heaven before Adam and Eve were in the Garden.     Revelation 12:7,8

Sharon, Jude 1:9

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