A Birth Like No Other! Isaiah 9:6

For Unto Us A Child Is Given:
Given is the key word…..God loved us so much He gave…….again God gave us freedom, on the cross…..God gave us a release from death…..God gives us mercy…….God gives us His grace……God gives us His forgiveness……God gives us Eternity with Him!
So much is given and so little is required!
Just believe:
God loved us so much He gave us His precious Son, Jesus;
God gave us freedom from death when Jesus died on the cross;
God released us from death by the Resurrection of Jesus;
God gives us mercy in spite of our rejection;
God gives us grace even when we do nothing to deserve it;
God gives forgiveness although we sin over and over;
God gives us the option to spend Eternity with Him, forever and ever!
How Great Thou Art!

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