Thank You

Thank you very much for your patience!  I do have a new harddrive and I am slowly getting my programs and files into my computer.
God is so good to us!  We are on the road again and will traveling all over the USA, heading to Canada and we are looking forward to meeting up with people we can be a witness to about the Grace of God during this amazing season of the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
There is such power in the Name; Jesus!  When I began teaching Bible studies almost 13 years ago, I did not realize how impacting that Name can be in the lives of all those around us.  Broken and beaten down; angry and misguided; resentful and full of distrust……God can use you!  We are all born in sin!  Because of Adam’s disobedience we all are appointed once to die!  But, although we have a sinful nature, in a sinful body, with a sinful mind, God can use us to be a witness for HIM and for HIS Son, Jesus.
If God wanted a perfect witness, HE would have done it HIMSELF!  HE doesn’t need us; but we need HIM!
This season is a season of Resurrection…..renewal!  If you had accepted Jesus in the past; if you walked away from that first feeling of salvation; if you desire to come back, just remember Jesus is waiting to renew you!  Accept you!  Forgive you!  He died for you!  and every season of Resurrection is a way to shed the past and wake up to a new life!
Jesus was beaten and broken; stabbed and spit upon; hated and rejected; but come the morning of Resurrection–HE was established and began a brand new day!  One filled with hope and renewal….come back to HIM!
Jesus can mend you; heal you; wipe your sin clean….all you have to do is ask…..!
Happy Resurrection Day!

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