Prayers Answered

There is one thing that really excites me!  I can get on my knees and pray for you!  I lift up my voice to God and call out your name!  The Bible teaches all prayers are heard in Heaven; all prayers are heard when in Jesus Name!  We pray up and leave our prayers at the Throne of God! It is not necessary to hear back from God right away!  That is when disbelief sets in; if we do not feel our prayers are answered!  But they are!  It just means no answer could mean God is working on something better and what you may think you want right now, you should not have right now!

Often we can look back and see how much we may have wanted that one thing so bad; but then we realize it is such a good thing God did not give us everything we wanted.  Because as time went by, it was best we did not get the prayer answer we wanted!  But God gave us what we needed!  Luke 18:12 I know that God hears your name, in prayer, and that is good enough for me!  Starting a prayer line on this blog, will help!  All prayers help!


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