Change in Format: Messages to Give Hope Today!

There has been a bastardization of the word ‘intolerance’  Somehow, slowly, methodically, concepts and ideologies are being compromised.  Preaching to love the sinner and hate the sin made sense; the sinner is God’s creation and we love all our Lord has created.  But Satan through Adam brought sin into our world and since then sin has separated us, as God’s creation, from our Creator.  Society and the rampant release of Satan to deceive and trick has twisted thinking.  We are no longer hating the sin, we are asked to love the sin, because it is part of who people are.  If we are not careful, we are one generation away from compromising OUR faith and our belief system to hate the sin.

For thousands of years there has been one faith through our God and now we are told to put all religions on the same level, to compromise and embrace those that are not of our faith, no matter how much they hate us or try to kill us!   The Bible teaches us there is only one way to God through the sacrifice of the cross, but today there are many people teaching and preaching we will all get into Heaven.  Moses said we must not compromise, there is only one way and there is no down side to believing that.  To not believe is eternal death…Exodus 10:26  Remember Lots wife!  We cannot compromise with unrighteousness!  We must fight for our faith now more than every before, for our generation and the next.

Stand up, speak up, for Jesus!  He is the only way to God the Father; to Heaven:  there is no other!

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