God Listens To You!

God is a God of Second Chances; third chances; fourth chances. HE never looks at you in a negative way! He loves you! He loves every part of you. God is never talking behind your back, never disappointed when you accomplish a task and you feel you did not do your best!

I got a Chinese Fortune Cookie in a restaurant and when I broke it open…..come on now; we all open them, even when we know our future already!  “God loves you! Especially!”  That cookie reminded me that God feels that way about every single one of His Creations!  He created us, which means He loves us!  God makes no junk!   When you realize you are so loved, you can get up every day without condemnation or without worry.  Joyce Meyers says, “Cast your cares and say your prayers!” So true! Then let it go! Move on! Enjoy every day and especially at work! All tasks are to God’s glory because He set it up that way, just for you! Enjoy!  John 17:13


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