A Little Laughter-Strong Message!

We had just settle down for a nice quiet evening of television.  I asked my husband:  “What is on TV tonight?”  His answer:  “Dust”!

Then the fight started! (Not really….we don’t fight anymore!  I just handed him the duster, and pointed out it should be shook out first from the last dusting)  Luke 9:5

Luke 9:5 teaches us that if you are not received, your faith is mocked, your character assassinated because of your faith; then walk away!  Do not stay!  For God is not mocked!  This is Jesus speaking to His disciples; giving them instruction on how to approach people about their faith!  It seems a little impractical to travel across the country with nothing to eat, no money, but to depend on people to take you in, to feed you and sleep there.

However, Jesus is making the point, that we as Christians are to welcome our Brothers and Sisters in Christ; be hospitable to them; share our table with them and hear their prayers.  To fellowship with them and expect nothing from them, except their faith!  Verse 11 says if they will not listen, then shake the dust from the feet!  If they do not listen, it is their testimony:  they do not know the Word of the Lord, nor did they listen to the Word of the Lord or His teachings.  We carry the Word of the Lord, in our speech, our prayers, in our testimony!  If they do not listen, move on!  Clear message!


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