HEAVEN OR HELL! Your Choice!

Romans 1:16-24

There are two common questions we as teachers are most asked, when discussing Heaven or Hell:
1. If God is love, how could HE send anyone to Hell?
2. I know really good people, kind, generous, helping everyone, giving generously. How could God turn them away from Heaven?

What these questions are leading up to, in the end, is….we know there is another way to Heaven without Jesus? There has to be another way! God would not send anyone to an Eternal Death just because they don’t believe in Jesus…. would HE?
This is a misunderstanding of the very nature of God and that misunderstanding has led to so many theological and ethical dilemmas in the past and still do in the present. Comments like what about all the Buddhists, the Muslims, millions embedded in other religions? Wouldn’t God be cruel, sending them to Hell, just because they don’t believe in Jesus? What about those that never heard of Jesus?
Most people believe God is love, and therefore, could not punish, but they don’t go further, digging into the true nature of God as revealed in His Word! Not only is God a God of love and is love, but God is righteous, just and holy.
Mankind only knows God through HIS attributes, through HIS character as revealed to us in His Holy Word and His Holy Spirit! So when we read of His love, His justice, His righteousness, we think of these things as being part of who God is, rather than being true in whole of what God is. So when God loves, He is simply being who He is! Not in part, but in whole! Not mixed in with other sources, but pure! God is love!
Creation of man and woman, walking in fellowship with God changed when Adam and Eve choose to go their own way and sin entered the world. Sin separated us from God through their fall from Grace! And the Bible says: “The wages of sin is death”. So, now God had a major problem.
Enter Jesus! God poured out all His wrath upon His Son to take the sin of the world on a wooden cross, so the sin debt was paid through Jesus. So, now all those that believe in the propitiation of Romans 3, meaning the satisfaction of a requirement, a debt sin paid, in full, has met the holy and just requirements of the basic nature of God! God is truth, so when HE says the wages of sin is death, He meant it. But the wages have been paid, not by our death, anymore, but by Jesus! There is no other way to pay for our sins!
And Father, we praise you for who you are! Thank you for being a God of love! We pray now that you help us to understand your love, your nature, your character, while we study your word! In Jesus Name!

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