Heaven and Hell…..2 Timothy 4:5

Max Lucado demonstrates in story form, the righteousness of God:

A few years ago in a California courtroom, a young woman found herself in front of a judge, for speeding. When the judge read off the citation, he asked her if she was guilty or not guilty: She said: “Guilty”! The judge brought down the hammer and said: “$100 fine or ten days!” She said she would pay the fine!
The judge stood up, took off his judges robe and came down from the bench. He pulled out his wallet and gave the court clerk the $100, paying his daughters fine!

That is what our Lord did for us! He paid our sin debt in full! And now it is up to us to spread that message to those who welcome it or unwelcome it! In this time of immorality, when the devil is having his way on this earth like never before in history, we have a message! We must teach, encourage, warn, and urge all whom we come in contact with, that the sin debt has been paid on the cross.

There are those who will not tolerate hearing the word or believing in the doctrine of Jesus Christ, and what was once evil is now good and what was once good, sound, evangelical messages is considered evil. What was once immoral is now accepted, even commended and what was moral, is deemed judgmental.

But here is the good news: 2Timothy 4:5 tells us to stay steady, stay consistent, stay firm, for we are being watched. People will depend on you because even our unsaved friends will see the calm and steady faith, unflinching from day to day, with no surprises about how we act. That will be a testimony and a witness of the Gospel. Being consistent with the Lords word, being stable in our thinking is necessary in every believers life and with that, comes peace; therefore attracting others to find out how to get what we have! Living under the grace and mercy of God….

Father thank you for your patience with us; we glorify you in your blessings poured out to us every day and in every way. Be with us now, guide and direct us, help us to understand your will through your precious word!

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