So Much Hatred! Hebrews 4:16

For far too long Christians have been silent!  For far too long we have remained “still”!  There is a time to “Be Still” and let God work and there is a time to act.  Animals were slain to cover Adam and Eve, the clothes did not magically appear!  Moses had to keep his staff held high over his head to keep the water back!  The manna had to be gathered to be eaten, stomachs did not automatically feel full!

On and on throughout history we have had to do our part and we have had the past as an example of what to do in the future!  Learning from our mistakes!  What is going on in 2017?  Past wars are forgotten, past battles because of prejudices or hurts have torn families apart!  But, still we do not learn we cannot always have our own way.  There is only fighting when somebody is not getting what they want!  Today, selfishness rules; independent thinking with a focus on self, is the new normal!  Cell phones have replaced social interaction and texting has replaced face to face communication.

Then, we have the hate!  So much hate!  Hate for race, other than our own, hate for authority, except for our own decisions, hate for society in general!  Where is God in all this?  Exactly where HE was when Jesus was on the cross!  There was so much sin on Jesus when He died, God turned HIS own face from HIS Son, causing Jesus to cry out:  “Abba, why have You forsaken Me?”  Right up to that moment, God was with HIS Son!  Every minute!  But, when the sin is overpowering Jesus in our spirit, God turns His face from us!  We must stay focused on Jesus, not on the conforming to this world!

Jesus is waiting to overcome this world!  He has won the war!  He has removed the prejudices!  He has forgiven all mistakes!  Jesus has taken it all and when we accept all that, it becomes the “new normal” in our life!  Will you do it now?  Let Jesus replace all the hate, all the selfishness and all the battles raging inside of you!  Grace, mercy and Love will fill your spirit and make you soar to heights you never thought were possible!

Then, we want to share our new found freedom from hatred!  Do not go quietly throughout your day!  Shout it from the rooftops if you must, but be a powerful witness for Jesus!  Jesus did not go quietly into Jerusalem!  They knew He was coming and they threw Him a parade!  Let people know you are a follower of Jesus Christ and cry out:  “I am saved, by His blood”!

Then, stand back and enjoy the outpouring of blessings!  Because, they are coming!

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