There is no other way to describe what is happening in Texas!  As a Canadian, we seem untouched by disaster in Southern Ontario!  However, our hearts go out to our American friends in this, their hour of need!  We pray for the water to stop falling from the sky; we pray for the animals and wildlife trapped in this torrent; we pray for the American people who are suffering!  God has His hand on this, but we have to remember who we are fighting against.  When that old serpent, Satan was cast out of Heaven for defying our Lord, he was cast to earth!  Revelation 12:9 He has free reign but for a short time!  Revelation 12:12 tells us that he has but a short time here on earth, but he is roaming to and fro, seeking whom to devour!

We must remember who is wrecking this planet, who is on earth ready to pounce!  But, stay strong, keep the faith and our Lord is offering an eternity of protection, if we only believe!

May God turn His face toward Texas and all Americans in their hour of need!


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