Back on Line!

Good Day, Fellow Christians!

It is my extreme pleasure to be back posting after a summer hiatus during covid. My computer did not have covid, my family did not have covid, my friends do not have covid, but I think my brain was on hold for awhile.

My husband and I have been full time RVers for 20 years and with the covid shutdowns, we have had to re-think our lifestyle. Hence, we are now in a real home, without wheels.

Covid has lent itself to many pluses and minuses for many people, but to me it has been a time to reflect on our “bubble”…..and who we want in our bubble! Our family is the most important! So they are first, then our besties….are next! The rest is exposed only to shields and masks. I suspect we are not unique in this “bubble”! And many of us are tired of covid!

My heart goes out to those people in many areas of our society that have to wear masks during their “work” day! I can barely stand it for a shopping event. And we do appreciate all the workers that are staying on the job and not sitting home on CERB! They are the real heroes, in my humble opinion.

GOD has HIS hand on all of this covid stuff. HE is not sitting up in Heaven, wringing HIS hands, wondering what to do. AND, it is not GOD’S fault. Nor is it HIS Son’s fault. Jesus is beside His Father all the time and I am sure they know precisely what is going on and what will go on in the future. We must remember we have free will. That is why we get ourselves into so much trouble and then ask GOD to get us out of it.

GOD loves us, but HE also knows what we are capable of doing to ourselves and to each other. We must try to do better. Get smarter. Stay safe and stop spreading this covid stuff. It could be our downfall! We have a Savior, we have a Redeemer, we just have to remember Who HE is and what HE is capable of in our lives.


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