Christians? Who are they?

Going to church does not make you a Christian, any more than sitting in a garage will make you a car!

Knowing God, Knowing Jesus….having them a part of your world, with the guidance and instruction from the Holy Spirit and the Bible will help you understand who and what you are in this crazy, out of bounds world!

First: We are sinners! Every day we sin! Yes, you do, so get over yourself and accept that you are a sinner, full of sin! Sinful thoughts, sinful actions, sinful deeds; in one way or another!

Second: We are human! We are not little Gods; we are not reincarnated from a frog; we are human! With pain, suffering, joy, glee, happiness, sorrow and yes, even doubt!

Third: We are not perfect clones or puppets of the Almighty! Rather, although we are made in His Image, we are not controlled by God or Jesus or Satan! Being made in His Image is a topic for another day!

So, given those three parts of who we are: we are beings capable of enormous potential; a giant capacity to love and incredible evil! That is why we need to be Christian: meaning…..have the desire every day to walk with the Lord, study His Word, listen with a discerning spirit and become Jesus-like! To do that, we must learn about God’s Character, who He is, Was and Will Be; learn about God’s Precious Son; who He is, Was and Will Become; then with God mercy and grace, receive the Holy Spirit to come rest with us and give us peace. Sound simple: it is! Believe in God; Believe His Son died on the cross for our sins; accept the Holy Spirit to live inside of you and then start walking in peace! Simple! Get to it!

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