Disobedience always has a price! There is a whole nation of people who do not believe Jesus is the Redeemer because God hardened their heart to accomplish His Will. Their conceit gets them into trouble, being wise in their own site! But, God saves Israel, make no mistake about it! God never breaks a promise! Romans 11:25,26

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Christians? Who are they?

Going to church does not make you a Christian, any more than sitting in a garage will make you a car!

Knowing God, Knowing Jesus….having them a part of your world, with the guidance and instruction from the Holy Spirit and the Bible will help you understand who and what you are in this crazy, out of bounds world!

First: We are sinners! Every day we sin! Yes, you do, so get over yourself and accept that you are a sinner, full of sin! Sinful thoughts, sinful actions, sinful deeds; in one way or another!

Second: We are human! We are not little Gods; we are not reincarnated from a frog; we are human! With pain, suffering, joy, glee, happiness, sorrow and yes, even doubt!

Third: We are not perfect clones or puppets of the Almighty! Rather, although we are made in His Image, we are not controlled by God or Jesus or Satan! Being made in His Image is a topic for another day!

So, given those three parts of who we are: we are beings capable of enormous potential; a giant capacity to love and incredible evil! That is why we need to be Christian: meaning…..have the desire every day to walk with the Lord, study His Word, listen with a discerning spirit and become Jesus-like! To do that, we must learn about God’s Character, who He is, Was and Will Be; learn about God’s Precious Son; who He is, Was and Will Become; then with God mercy and grace, receive the Holy Spirit to come rest with us and give us peace. Sound simple: it is! Believe in God; Believe His Son died on the cross for our sins; accept the Holy Spirit to live inside of you and then start walking in peace! Simple! Get to it!

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Back on Line!

Good Day, Fellow Christians!

It is my extreme pleasure to be back posting after a summer hiatus during covid. My computer did not have covid, my family did not have covid, my friends do not have covid, but I think my brain was on hold for awhile.

My husband and I have been full time RVers for 20 years and with the covid shutdowns, we have had to re-think our lifestyle. Hence, we are now in a real home, without wheels.

Covid has lent itself to many pluses and minuses for many people, but to me it has been a time to reflect on our “bubble”…..and who we want in our bubble! Our family is the most important! So they are first, then our besties….are next! The rest is exposed only to shields and masks. I suspect we are not unique in this “bubble”! And many of us are tired of covid!

My heart goes out to those people in many areas of our society that have to wear masks during their “work” day! I can barely stand it for a shopping event. And we do appreciate all the workers that are staying on the job and not sitting home on CERB! They are the real heroes, in my humble opinion.

GOD has HIS hand on all of this covid stuff. HE is not sitting up in Heaven, wringing HIS hands, wondering what to do. AND, it is not GOD’S fault. Nor is it HIS Son’s fault. Jesus is beside His Father all the time and I am sure they know precisely what is going on and what will go on in the future. We must remember we have free will. That is why we get ourselves into so much trouble and then ask GOD to get us out of it.

GOD loves us, but HE also knows what we are capable of doing to ourselves and to each other. We must try to do better. Get smarter. Stay safe and stop spreading this covid stuff. It could be our downfall! We have a Savior, we have a Redeemer, we just have to remember Who HE is and what HE is capable of in our lives.


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There is nothing more debilitating than that of “Fear”! That gut wrenching desire to flee whatever the situation you see yourself dropped into; you just want to run!

There are two types of fear: That startling response to suddenly seeing a snake on your path when walking through the woods! Now, if it is poisonous, your fear is intensified! Responding to that fear may save your life!

Then there is a reverential fear: The slow dread of what might be or what you imagine could happen. Making a speech in front of your boss while not really knowing your material….where failure could mean losing your job.

I am going to propose a third type of fear: Reverential! That is the fear of the unknown. A sudden shadow passes in front of you, while walking down your hall in the middle of the night! A phone call from the doctor telling you there is a spot on your lung. Going for an angiogram and finding out you have to have a triple bypass! Then there is a fear for the unseen; the Spirit; God! How many times are we told….Fear Not! The Bible teaches us not to be afraid of God, yet, many are afraid of the Creator! Why? Because they do not know HIM! God is love! Love and fear cannot exist in the same space! If you create a painting, a sculpture, a letter; if you carry a child inside of you or father a child; there is nothing you will not do to protect your creation.

That is God! God loves! That who HE is! God created us; therefore, HE cannot do enough for us! God is God! HE will not destroy what HE has created! Then, to extend that love and to really seal the love, HE gave HIS only Son to die, so we don’t have to; to pay for our sins. That is true love! And that has nothing to do with fear! How can you fear anyone who loves you so much HE gave HIS life for you! So, have no fear! You are wondrously made and loved! John 3:16

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Hiatus Over!

How much of a blessing is it to have a website to be able to share faith, share stories and share church!

It has been a while since I posted anything, but I am going to try and do better!

I would like to encourage all who are checking on this website for material to contribute how the Lord has touched your life, small ways or big events, it does not matter!

Submit your jokes, your stories, and then encourage others to read them!

We need to believe in the promises of the Bible.  It is easy when high on a mountain, when things in our life are going well, but sometimes we drop into a pothole of life and we are knocked off our mountain, by something, someone or our own confusion.  God will not give us more than we can bear, but the enemy is always there to scratch an itch we have about doubting, or fear, ready to tear us down!  But you can do whatever God gives us to do; because HE has given us the ability to do it!  God’s grace and mercy…..1John 4:4

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