Back on Line!

Good Day, Fellow Christians!

It is my extreme pleasure to be back posting after a summer hiatus during covid. My computer did not have covid, my family did not have covid, my friends do not have covid, but I think my brain was on hold for awhile.

My husband and I have been full time RVers for 20 years and with the covid shutdowns, we have had to re-think our lifestyle. Hence, we are now in a real home, without wheels.

Covid has lent itself to many pluses and minuses for many people, but to me it has been a time to reflect on our “bubble”…..and who we want in our bubble! Our family is the most important! So they are first, then our besties….are next! The rest is exposed only to shields and masks. I suspect we are not unique in this “bubble”! And many of us are tired of covid!

My heart goes out to those people in many areas of our society that have to wear masks during their “work” day! I can barely stand it for a shopping event. And we do appreciate all the workers that are staying on the job and not sitting home on CERB! They are the real heroes, in my humble opinion.

GOD has HIS hand on all of this covid stuff. HE is not sitting up in Heaven, wringing HIS hands, wondering what to do. AND, it is not GOD’S fault. Nor is it HIS Son’s fault. Jesus is beside His Father all the time and I am sure they know precisely what is going on and what will go on in the future. We must remember we have free will. That is why we get ourselves into so much trouble and then ask GOD to get us out of it.

GOD loves us, but HE also knows what we are capable of doing to ourselves and to each other. We must try to do better. Get smarter. Stay safe and stop spreading this covid stuff. It could be our downfall! We have a Savior, we have a Redeemer, we just have to remember Who HE is and what HE is capable of in our lives.


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Refugee Status? Matthew 24

What is going on?

There is an 18 year old refugee blowing up train sections in London, England, putting that country on “critical” alert!  There are leaders in the world committing genocide! Hurricanes, one after another, slamming into America!  North Korea flexing its bomb muscles!  Canada has a province burning!  Islands have been leveled!  Whales are dying and scientists don’t know why!

This world is in trouble!  While all this is happening, we, in the free world, separate from disasters and floods and burnings, are all focused on our cell phones.  People are dying because they walk out in front of buses while texting!  The most popular profit product in the world today:  head phones!  So people can put them on, turn on their phone and separate themselves from the rest of the world!  Our social interaction is dying, because we are all so caught up in the “self” phone industry.

Where is Jesus in all this chaos?  Where was HE 2,000 years ago?  Watching!  Waiting!  Jesus was in His 30’s before He began His ministry!  Have you ever wondered what He was doing for the first 30 years of His life!  He saw the suffering of people!  He saw the land being raped by the soldiers while they stole from those who were trying to harvest it!  Jesus saw the pain of those days!  Like He sees the pain of today!

There have been those who have said:  our world has seen wars in the past; animals have gone extinct before; slavery existed hand in hand with genocide in the past!  But here is the difference between then and now:  All of these things happening in the world–it is world wide!  Not isolated in Africa or the Middle East or Israel!  All the hatred; all the weather; all the pain combined with terror is world wide!  We do not know the face of our enemy!  And I am only scratching the surface of pain and suffering going on right now!

So, what can we do?  Pray!  Keep hope alive!  Speak out against tyranny!  Support our law!  And release your faith!  Do not keep your light under a bushel!  So much suffering is happening in this world today because so many people think there are many options to salvation:  There is only one option and His Name is above all names:  Jesus Christ!

Keep looking up, for His return is imminent!

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There is no other way to describe what is happening in Texas!  As a Canadian, we seem untouched by disaster in Southern Ontario!  However, our hearts go out to our American friends in this, their hour of need!  We pray for the water to stop falling from the sky; we pray for the animals and wildlife trapped in this torrent; we pray for the American people who are suffering!  God has His hand on this, but we have to remember who we are fighting against.  When that old serpent, Satan was cast out of Heaven for defying our Lord, he was cast to earth!  Revelation 12:9 He has free reign but for a short time!  Revelation 12:12 tells us that he has but a short time here on earth, but he is roaming to and fro, seeking whom to devour!

We must remember who is wrecking this planet, who is on earth ready to pounce!  But, stay strong, keep the faith and our Lord is offering an eternity of protection, if we only believe!

May God turn His face toward Texas and all Americans in their hour of need!


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HEAVEN OR HELL! Your Choice!

Romans 1:16-24

There are two common questions we as teachers are most asked, when discussing Heaven or Hell:
1. If God is love, how could HE send anyone to Hell?
2. I know really good people, kind, generous, helping everyone, giving generously. How could God turn them away from Heaven?


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Fear Mongering! 1John 4:7

The verse before this one says God is love!  Then it goes on to say, love is from God.  Whomever loves is born of God and therefore knows God!  We must not assume everyone who is born, created by God, loves.  That is why people try to kill people.  They do not love.  It may sound very simple; but, until one is born again and therefore “born of God”, it is impossible for them to know God and ergo, love:  not only God, but all HIS creation.

We can love God’s creation and hate the sin they do!  That is where the lines get blurry.  Christians are all expected to love, love, love!  The second Commandment Jesus gave, right after “Loving God with all our hearts, minds and soul; is to Love your neighbor”!  Different translations change the word “neighbor” up with brothers/sisters; each other; all; etc.  But here it is folks:  Love God’s creation!  Not only the people we find palatable.

Does this mean we embrace everyone!  No, we do not have to accept what everyone, everywhere does!  We do not have to have them in our homes, tickling our ears; we do not have to visit them and embrace their way of life.   We can love a creation, designed by the Creator; we do not have to love the sin the creation manifests!  So, bottom line:  Love the sinner, hate the sin!  But, if we do not stay in the Word, keep Christ in our hearts, we can become desensitized to another religion, another lifestyle and another unconditional acceptance of lies and betrayal of the Word.  We must wear our armor and we must stand up for Christ!

Christ’s words: (Luke 9:5)  Wherever they do not receive you, when you leave that town shake off the dust from your feet as a testimony against them.

Present the Word; Speak up for Jesus; but if they do not accept any of that:  back off; leave town; don’t accept them into your home to try and change their way of life!  Let God take care of their spiritual needs, if they reject Jesus!  Does this mean we never present Christ?  Of course not, but not all of us are called to the Missionary field in foreign lands and many of us are ill equipped to face those from foreign lands in our own field!  We just are not that prepared!

As far as the refugees are concerned, I believe we should help them, present them with our way of life, a Christian way of life, teach them the Word; and if they reject the Word and Christ, let them return to their country when the fighting ceases, then to the lifestyle that Christ judge when HE returns!

Get the point!


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