Hell flees! 1Peter 5:8,9

When we pray, the demons of hell, released on this earth, flee!  Satan loves it when we do not pray!  So pray, unceasingly!  Distractions will loom in front of you, but pray!  Ignorance that Satan does not exist will also loom in front of you, but pray!  When we are not acting like a Christian or we get overblown with being a Christian, pray!  If we don’t get enough sleep or we get too much sleep, pray!  Anything that is out of balance, the enemy will come against us.  He will choose that one thing that keeps us focused on ourselves and not on God and he will use it against us.  The power in pray through our Lord and Savior, in HIS holy name, is more powerful than the enemy of this world.  We must realize Satan hates us and delights in our sin.  But staying focused on Jesus, with the help of the Holy Spirit and the Sword of His Might Word, will defeat all enemies!

Power in Prayer!

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Mistakes: Galatians 5:18

Isnt it strange that the one thing Adam and Eve were told not to do, they did!  Now,  we don’t need a bunch of dos and donts!  We are free from the law.  Being led by the Spirit is freedom from the law of some denominational churches with a Pharisee attitude.  We, as Christians are led by the Spirit, the Holy Spirit!  We plan out our day and God laughs!  Look up, pack up, we are soon going up! Stay focused on the Creator of the Uniiverse! Cannot go wrong with that!

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Jesus is Coming, Soon!

This is the season to be thankful!  God has poured out HIS blessings so much on us that at times, we take them for granted!  God is good, all the time!  But, is HE good to us even in the dark territory that we often wander?  So when we feel there is little to be thankful for, God shows up in our darkest, deepest hour!  When we hurt, when we feel pain, when we get that call with bad news, a break-up, when we have a loss so profound we cannot express it:  GOD COMES INTO OUR LIFE!  HE feels our pain, HE knows when we have been embarrassed,  when we are facing the biggest challenge of our life or when we just got a brand new puppy!

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you for sending your Son, to die on a cruel, bloody cross, so we don’t have to go to the grave!  We can live forever, because Jesus took our sins, took our pain, took our bad news, took our hurt and it was nailed to the cross with HIM!  Now, that is what I call “good”.

Thank you to my supportive, incredible husband, Max.  He is always by my side, through sickness, through successes, through every good day and through every bad. I love you so much! Especially for your understanding how much I love Jesus!  Thank you to my beautiful daughters, Tamara and Tara, whom I depend upon to be actively in our life’s, bringing a joy and a love that is beyond anything I could ever express adequately!  Thank you to my brothers and sisters in Christ for walking the faith walk with me, attending my Bible studies, sharing the love of the Lord and accepting me for who I am, a child of the living God!

God bless Canada and God Bless America!

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There are those that think they evolve from a big bang!  Whatever was created from an explosion?  I am not scientist, but I think it is only common sense that there would be a lot of angry monkeys on this planet; considering they were left out of evolution.

So, lets talk evolution:  were your ancestors knuckles dragging on the ground…..maybe!  But mine were not!  The earth is very old!  Formed from the four corners of the earth.  How old is the universe?  I don’t know!  Neither do the scientists!  How old is the rocks on the earth?  I don’t know!  But neither do the scientists!  Let’s get real:  we are not God!  God formed the universe and HE is not accountable to us to answer to us and give us all the answers to all our questions!  God is of old:  HE is the Alpha and the Omega and not accountable to us!  The earth is old, formed by the God of the Universe from the Universe.  Now, as far as evolution is concerned…..how many people do you know that evolved since, let’s say, Abraham…..or even, John F. Kennedy?  Think about it!

Psalm 139:13-15

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We can be patient even when we don’t feel patient.  Standing in a line up at Walmart can try my patience.  People sorting out government food stamps, signing documents and all this will trying to control four children, can try my patience.  Patience is an ongoing challenge for me and I always consider myself suffering when I have to wait on people, who in my opinion, appear stupid.

But then, but then, God speaks to my heart:  who am I?  Am I better then they are?  NO!  I am not any more important than that person standing in the line, working out food stamps, trying to control her children.  God loves her as much as HE loves me!

Thank goodness God has patience with me!

1Peter 2:19-23


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