A Mother’s Life

Laundry, dishes, dirty rags
Start a load and get the vac
Beds to make and kids to feed
Is there any time for me?
Diapers dirty, kids are bored
Patience? There isn’t any more
Try to kneel and pray a second
Before again I am beckoned
Floors to clean, get the dryer
Husband just called me a liar
Kids will do the darndest things
I think I’m going to go insane
Where’s the movie I can’t find
Where’s the day I find some time
What’s for lunch and dinner too
Why’s it always about all of you
Cut my hair, where’s my towel
Just a minute is what I howl
Where’s my coffee, pop tart, hat
Here’s your this and there’s your that
Fix the blinds or buy some more
Again it’s time to clean the floor
And beds, a diaper, a bandaid sore
What the heck am I living for!
I’m a mom and that’s my life
Through all the family woes and strife
God gave them all as my perfect gift
And for them all I choose is to live
As little shirts and pants I fold
And little ones all day I hold
Again and again I’ll scold and scold
Or wipe a runny nose from colds
Buying a toy or treat at stores
Watching for their team to score
What could a mother want that’s more
Yes, this is what I was created for
So as I lay me down to sleep
And pray my Lord our souls to keep
I wake each day and Lord I pray
Bless this day that You have made
Give me patience for each one
Not just as this day’s begun
But all throughout with everything
No matter what surprises bring
And as I wipe and clean and cook
Help me from my heart to look
To higher power from above
And do all this with perfect love

Donna, 30 Dec 2006
1 John 4:18

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