Tribute to Joe!

People come into your life, sometimes for a season
But their time is too short and they are taken for a reason,

Joe was such a man, a gentle soul full of life
In stormy, hectic days, Joe never caused strife
God puts people on your path and some you want to stay
But Joe had walked his path and Our Lord had to say:
We need Joe in heaven and right now he must go
And this loving man, without an enemy or foe
Was suddenly snatched and the angels took him home
Leaving family and friends here on this earth to mourn
Joe lived his life, with some ups and some downs
When you saw him on the road Joe didn’t show his frown
He had pain, sometimes bad, but always willing to work
If Joey saw your need, he would never shirk
At a chance to help one or even many of us

Joe kept to himself when others fought or would fuss
This man of honor, truth and love
Will shine with his smile throughout Heaven above
Cindy, Joey’s girl, lost her heart yesterday and only our Jesus can,
Heal the painful loss of this special man
God will see family pain and ease it through pray
Their support for each other, taught by Joe, with  care
Joey’s spirit will blanket our life forever more
And all that he stood for will honor and adore
His name and his love among all those that knew
This man of integrity, sprinkled like dew
Over Jekyll Island Campground, like the Spirit of God
Filled with love and a joy from Heaven above
There is peace knowing Joey is with God right now
Watching with grace and humility as each head will bow
To embrace God’s love and know there is a reason
Special people like Joey come into our lives for a season!

 We will miss you Joe!  Sharon and Max

Our Condolences to Cindy, Justin, Krista and all those who knew and loved Joe! 

Colossians 1:5 says:  Because of the hope which is laid up for you in Heaven of which you heard before in the word of the truth of the gospel.

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