Do Evil Spirits Roam This Earth?

When we turn to the television to entertain us after a hectic fulfillment of a work day or just wanting to relax, each person is looking for a purpose:  to be challenged mentally, to laugh, to be “entertained”.  More and more, however, what we see is a need to shock the television audience.  I know we have always had the “Jerry’s” or the “Geraldo’s”, but the spirit world seems to be dominating the television prime times.  Phenomenon, paranormal, vampires, supernatural, let alone demeaning people for their weight, (but that is another topic for discussion).  There are so many questions that arise when one talks about dabbling with the supernatural.  We have all heard the arguments about Harry Potter, but what about all these other, more subtle concepts that slip into our homes, unannounced through “trailers” or interviews with stars that are promoting these types of shows and are picked up by our children and immature Christians?    Are we opening a door for these spirits to enter our homes, enter our lives?  What do you think as Christians….should we even be watching these shows?  How does it affect our faith?  Does it?  How does it make your spirit feel? 


2 Timothy 4:3

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