Christmas Reign

Churches at Christmas will be filled
By people who come there out of guilt
Many recognize His Name
They use it all year, oft in vain

Jesus, Jesus we adore thee
For many presents we implore thee
Lord have mercy on our soul
So out the doors of church we can go

Drink some egg nog, have some food
Dance to Christmas Carols, too
While in the manger is a porcelain child
With wrongful skin and hair that’s mild

Oh Lord my God, what have we done
To make such mockery of your Son
He came to teach and live, then die
And did so as He hung-crucified

Oh Lord my God, where did we go awry
Where did we get so far from that starry sky
When did you get so far from our sight
When did we lose the meaning of that precious night

Christmas is more than trees, lights and bars
And blonde haired families in machine tooled barns
It’s more than high dollar expensive presents
It’s what we don’t make that came down from heaven

Oh Holy Night when star was shining
And led to the hope of our soul’s pining
Bring us back to Your hope and dream
Deliver us from our fleshly schemes

Sin is fun and righteously so
We deserve fun as from here to there we go
How much fun would it be if we could know
Our friend, Sin is death to our soul

Oh welcomed winter to me return
And bring the Saviour for which I yearn
And for Christmas bring me a mind to learn
Holy Wisdom to prepare me for your return

Remember our Saviour is not a song once a year
He’s trying to live in you if you’d let Him appear
As He was born for you all and for all He did rise
Accept Him this Christmas and rebuke your demise

Praise our King Jesus, our King of the season
He truly is the only reason
When you wake on Christmas Morn
Stop and give praise to your Savior who was born

Thank you for your manger birth
For being King of Heaven and Earth
I live for your Eternal Reign
That I may hear your Angels sing,  Hallelujah!

Donna  08 Dec 2006
Matthew 1:18

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