The Best Present Ever!

The Best Present Ever was the Gift of Life
A Holy Baby delivered amid despair and strife
Jesus stepped out of Heaven above
Giving His life to us, out of God’s Precious Love!
No demand Jesus be born a Child
By a humble Mother and an earthly father mild
Jesus knew of His birth from the very beginning,
Although a snake said he was the one winning!
Christ loved us so, He came from on high,
To show by example how to live but never die.
Christ was the only begotten Son of the Father,
Who sat on God’s right hand as a universe Ruler.
But Jesus chose to come down off His Heavenly throne
Jesus chose to abandon His Heavenly home.
Jesus became a baby when God planted the Seed
As a guide for us through our every human deed.
Jesus could have shown up as a full grown man
Healing sick, giving laws, showing us that He can
Walk through our every day human life
Witnessing struggles, pain and our strife
But He chose to come to earth as a babe
To show us how we can be saved
So when we turn to Him to ease our pain
He has felt our hurt; so His peace we attain
God desired to give us this very precious Gift,
So Jesus could feel the way we have lived
He comforts, He gives, He fully understands
Because He Himself once walked on this great land
Jesus wants us to think of Him as a friend
Not some icon of lofty piety to lend
He is a Savior that was born, once a babe
With one goal in mind, and that was to save
Mankind from all walks of life on this earth
Which is why Mary was blessed with a Holy birth
For without that babe wrapped in swaddling cloths
We could never live in Christ’s Heavenly home
Now we need to see Jesus through the eyes of a child
We need on our knees, humble, meek and mild
So thankful for this Gift so precious and great
There has been no other like it ever made!
Without Christ born in that stable of old
Christmas would be lost and the season just cold
So the best present ever was sent from above
Full of Hope, Joy and the best:  Christ’s love!

Luke 2:12

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