Born Again!

A silent, cold night emerged a special birth,
Doomed to die on a cross so all the earth
Could be saved if Jesus would they seek and find
Cause God sent His Son down for all mankind!

Where would we be right now if Christ had not come?
The bumpy road is very wide–but narrow for some
Rescuing us, releasing us from burden, from pain;
Strife promotes silence, making it hard to proclaim:

That Jesus is our Lord and for sinners He died,
We are reborn, our hope set us free to cry:
Adams sin does not burden nor cause us shame
His Kingdom is our own: we can proudly exclaim!

There are three steps to this new earthly start,
Repent of all sin and let it depart
Christ’s birth and Christ’s death is the basis of Faith
On the cross Jesus took each sin we have faced.

The third and final event for rebirth we must do
Grow in God’s Word, quote verses tried and true
Shine under His Grace and study His plan
Fall back on your faith, know that only Jesus can:

Save your eternal soul, raising you to new heights
Stopping all battles Christ has won the eternal fight
He will catch every fall, He will show that He cares
Satan lost all his power, no more fear, no more scare!

Purpose and plan only by and through God’s precious Son
Born Again Christian, washed clean by His Blood: It is Done!
Eternal Life the reward and a Heavenly home above;
Brought from Adams sin through to Christ’s precious love.

Sharon; John 3:3

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