Grass and Coke! Acts 8:9

So now little man you’re tired of grass,
LSD, alcohol, Cocaine and Hash
When someone pretending to be a true friend,
Said let me introduce you to Mr. Heroine!
I’m so very powerful, I’m sure you’ve been told,
Pound for Pound more expensive than gold!
I take you places that you’d never been,
Rob you of your self-esteem,
Then grin, shooting me in your veins on a daily basis, 
As long as you have money you’ll swear you’re in an oasis
When your money runs out you’ll sell all your things, then
You’ll even sell your own mom’s wedding ring
The vomit, the cramps, the withdrawal pains,
Can only be eased by my little white grains
I’m grown in fields and manufactured to taste, but I’m
Nothing more than poppy seed waste!
You’ll try to recover again and again,
But you little man, I’m your biggest friend
You ingest me in your system once again, and then it gets
Worse, shoot me again!
I’ll take your mind, body, soul and heart, 
Then you’ll be mine, till death do us part.

AUGUST 26, 1961-AUGUST 14, 2001
I was born in The Bronx, New York and now reside in Coral Springs, Florida. I raised three children while their parents (me) were addicted to drugs and alcohol. My children followed my journey in addiction. I thought we were a normal family. It was pure insanity. I started using drugs and alcohol at the age of 13 and so did my children. I did not stop until September 30, 1994. My first husband, Ralph, died never knowing a day of what it would be like living without drugs. My youngest son David died on August 14, 2001 from an overdose. He also had AIDS. This is just a synopsis of my life.
It was only by the Grace of God and my deep cries for help that reached the ears of God that I was able to surrender. About three years ago I asked Jesus to come into my life. I live a sober life now and try to live a Christian life to the best of my ability.

Sandra, Acts 8:9

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