Star Night, Star Light!

Children’s Bedtime Stories, by Sharon:

Star Night, Star Light!

Always Be Good….Do What Is Right!
Don’t say words that are very Bad
Your tummy just hurts and it just makes you Sad
Talk to others like you really Care!
Remember, Jesus hears you up Heaven’s Stairs!

Better be good and do what is Right
Listen to what your Mom and Dad Says
Stay in bed, lay down your sleepy Head
Up, then down….no way, just say your Prayers!
Remember, Jesus is listening up Heaven’s Stairs!

That first time with friends when they get Mean
You have to say no and then walk Away
To stand up for those that are little and Lean
To show your friends there is a better Way
Remember, Jesus hears everything you Say!

Sharing and playing is so much Fun
Playing games and running and having a Nap
Wishing I had a puppy to play with in the Sun
When you are in the yard, don’t forget your Cap
Remember, Jesus is holds you in His Lap!

Sharon,  Matthew 13:6

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