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Well, Marty, we certainly have had an interesting reaction to your email.  I pray you have enjoyed reading the comments.    There are several things I would like to point out to you about your belief or non-belief pattern of understanding.
There may be 48 M Plus atheists in your world, but there are 1.5 billion in mine. 

Thank the Lord that in these troubled times, more and more people are turning to something to believe in, recognizing they can’t save themselves.  There is a fallacy that we are in “charge”, that we have the control over this world and in our pursuit of science, venture to explore other worlds to exert our power and control.  What very few of our species has truly discovered is that there is nothing we can control on this planet or on other planets!  We mess it all up.  We pollute, kill each other, infect each other, extinct animals, destroy drinking water, land and air.  We have yet to find a cure for a single illness we endorse upon ourselves.  Atheists, in their own finite world fight to maintain individualistically control over their daily lives, putting faith in their own mortal continuation.
Whether you believe it or not, you will live forever!  Someday, on this earth, you will breathe your last breath!  The next breath you take you will be at the Judgment seat!  You will not have one thing to say!  You can not go back and change one single thing in your life!  The Judgment seat is for an account of your life on earth!  Where has it ever been established you get to do whatever you want on this earth and there are no consequences?  Because Christ paid a price for our sin, He has been given the right to ask:  “What have you done for me?” 
It does not matter what “religion” you belong to and thank goodness it doesn’t.  Mankind has messed with “religion” so much it is not recognizable.  Jesus Christ has nothing to do with “religion”.  Jesus Christ has everything to do with character building, loving, peace, joy, understanding, and having a heart for God, His Father and for each other.  What mankind tries to do is replace all that with ‘denominational religion’!  Don’t be mislead!  Do not group Christ with religious leaders around the world…..there is no comparison!  We are all born in sin: there was only one born sinless:  Christ!  Christianity (and I don’t know how much exposure you have had with “real” Christians that live the life and walk the walk), but Christianity has nothing to do with organized religion!
Christianity has everything to do with “free will”.  The awesome part about “free will” is that God did not want mindless puppets, which is why we get to choose!  Christ died that we could live!  We can choose to believe or not!  It is much more difficult to believe in the unseen, which is why it is called “faith”.  But can you see “love”!  I think not; only the evidence of love!  That is why we examine the evidence of faith! 
This country as was all democratic nations on earth were founded on the “Ten Commandments”.  Our society, past present or future could not exist without them.  Societies that do exist without the “Ten” live in anarchy and chaos!  There was no other way in the Old Testament to the Throne of Grace, except by the “Commandments”, until Christ.  Adam and Eve broke the rule and like any “just” Father when the rule is broke there is punishment!  Christ was sent to change all that!  The beautiful part about it:  we don’t have to do anything for ourselves!  
The sacrifice on the cross was about taking our sin and feeling the separation from His Father.  God turned His back on His Son the second sin entered Christ’s body at His death!  I cannot imagine how it would feel to be abandoned……by God!  That is truly sacrificial!  There can be no sin in Heaven!  Christ went to Hades and gathered the Saints…where do you think He was for three days?  Again, that separation from God!  We do not know what that kind of pain would invoke.  You and I have never been separated from God, ever.  We have no idea of what it would be like to be totally separated from God… and I have never experienced that, regardless of your beliefs! (Acts 27:17)
Is there someone in your life that would die for you?  There is someone in mine that loved me so much He died for me!   Christ took it all to the cross and set us free to live forever in His Light!  When you consider that; it makes sense!  There can be no sin in Heaven….somebody had to pay the price for breaking the rule!What is even easier–we have been given a guide, written by simple fishermen, with a simple message.  But permit me to elaborate on this guidebook and its history:
1.  This guidebook to established living was written over a 1500 year span by over 40 different authors in places like dungeons, palaces and prisons during times of peace and war, demonstration of joy, sorrow, despair and conviction.
2.  My guidebook was originally written in 3 languages using different styles like poetry, song, romance, didactic treatise, law, parables and allegory, discussing marriage, divorce, remarriage, homosexuality, adultery, obedience, lying, truths, character development, parenting, nature and revelations.
3.  My guidebook has been translated into more than 2,200 languages–most major books never get translated!
4.  No other book has ever been translated, retranslated or paraphrased as much as the “Bible”–my guidebook for living!
5.  Between 2007 and 2022 (according to the Society of Linguistics we are less than one generation away from the first universally translated test… other book comes close!
6.  Wycliffe Bible Translators have 6,000 people working with 850 languages in 50 countries to produce “new” or “revised” versions of the Bible.
Archeologically, the Bible has never been proven wrong!  Never has it diminished in style!
There is more manuscript evidence to support the Bible than any 10 pieces of classical literature combined.  How can that be explained?
No other manuscript has ever been as well preserved by such an exacting society as the massora.  Every letter was counted and all documents had perfect fidelity!
Can we even talk about the fact that the Bible has been burned, banned, outlawed, destroyed, with outlying threats of extinctions or what about the threats of death just for owning a Bible!
Bible enemies come and go, but still it remains and it remains in tact!
1,800 years of trying to refute, overthrow, assault, persecuted and it still remains.  If this book had not been the Book of God, mankind would have destroyed it long ago.
Oh, and lets not forget the prophesy that was written down and fulfilled thousands of years later!  Nature, Life, Death, Cities, Timelines, Destruction of Edom, Curse on Babylon, Destruction of Tyre, Resurrection of Christ, just to name a few!
But, we are taught in Mark 13:31 that God says:  My words will by no means pass away!
Despite contractory comments by critics to known facts, archeologists such as Joseph Free and Sir William Ramsey confirm countless passages as being historically correct!   Check out the book written by a self proclaimed Atheist, Josh McDowell:  New Evidence!
I think the final best argument against atheism is:  What else exists except “faith”?  Man is fallible, the earth is fallible, but God is infallible!  He is forever!  Your body and mind is rotting…decaying as we live minute by minute.  God is forever and He decided a long time ago He wanted us with Him forever and ever!  We can have hope for a future….your future exists for only 80+ years….mine is forever! 
We have the hope of a new tomorrow and we have a guidebook explaining God’s redemption for us all!  Historically, the more a country follows Christianity the more it prospers.  Perhaps the 48M atheists should look inward to see who is breaking down our society and sending it to a downward spiral of immorality.
God Bless you, Marty and I uphold you in my prayer that you see the difference between what man has done on earth in the name of ‘religion’ vs “pure religion”!  Do we need to list the autrosities committed by such famous atheists such as Hitler, Stalin, Atilla The Hun, Ramsis!
I would love to endorse a scriptural battle with you, too easy.  Shall we engage in scriptural verification of historical facts?  I welcome that challenge with a joyful heart!

Remember it was a goatherding amateur that built the Ark and professionals that built the Titanic!
Sharon,  Jeremiah 23:24

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