What is a Gift? 1 Peter 4:10

As a child we wait eagerly for the next big excitement
While we grow toward adulthood we learn what is meant
When adults used to say to us, in a firm, steady voice
Wish I could go back in time, wish that was a choice

There is so much to learn as we grow toward …… what?
We need to see each day as a gift often sought
But we rush through life, running to and fro
Do we really know what direction to go?

What a gift it is to see life in every day things
A sprinkle of snow, sunshine or the flutter of wings
A gift is given, not taken, grabbed or earned
It is a reward, from God, or so I have finally learned

Sinners wallow in running here and running there
While Christians bask in Christ’s gift He did bear
On the cross, just for them, so we may live forever
Released, forgiven, set free, no more penalty, never!

A gift has been given and was my chose to receive
Eternal life is now mine, through Christ’s brave deed
Now I pass this gift forward, with this simple word
Jesus:  our Savior, our Giver, our Teacher, our Lord

A talent from birth, yes, is a gift from our God
A gift we are given through His Precious Son
A skill we learn slowly, working hard, with hope
That all will come together so as adults we cope

But, I will say this, with a firmness I feel
Without Jesus there is nothing, no way to heal
Those speed bumps that pop up in our life
So see God, feel His love, He is with you through strife

God, through His Son and His Spirit of Hope
Will lift you up when you are down and will help you cope
So when you are running here and to and fro
Christ is the gift given to you, wherever you go!

Sharon,  God Bless

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