Sharon Has a Story! Exodus 8:10

I want to thank my son-in-law for this amazing gift…this website!  It has been a real blessing in my life and it is wonderful to be celebrating my second year of running this website!

There have been ups and downs.  Lately, I have not been able to manage the site because of lack of Internet service.  I pray the Lord will pave a clear path for me to continue to receive submissions and post uplifting and rewarding messages from all over the world.  I welcome further submissions that create an atmosphere of hope and joy that when read, the reader feels blessed by God for having visit this site!

Again, thank you for your submissions and your thoughts!  God Bless You, all my readers!

Now I would like to share a story:  A funny thing happened when a gentleman showed up for Bible study class without a Bible.  He shared a Bible, then prayed he would have one the following week.  Another member went to a church social and dinner and bought a raffle ticket there.  Just as she decided that if her number was called she would give the prize to the gentleman (the prize was a brand new Bible),  her number was called before she could declare what she would do to her friend.  Her number drawn, she got the Bible, inscribed it and gave it to the gentleman so he would have a Bible.  BEFORE SHE DECLARED IT!  The Lord knew what she was going to do before she said it.  Her number was drawn!  What a God!  He takes care of the little things AND the big things!

Sharon, Exodus 8:10

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