Blessings from Sharon!

Sometimes, when least expecting it, someone comes into your life and touches it with grace and humility.  My husband and I have been so blessed to meet such loving, faith filled seekers in our quest to fulfill my calling to teach the Word of the Living God.  Over the past 11 years since I was called to the Lord’s Service, we have been so honored and so humbled by men and women we have met who opened their hearts, their lives and their faith to us. 
The strength we have seen in people who have faced traumatic childhood abuse, failed marriages, physical challenges, deaths of spouse or children, loss of homes and physical injuries and losses that cannot be measured; yet, we have seen  and been a part of something so life altering and so full of God’s grace that it is hard to put into words.  In the past 11 years we have been so touched by people we have grown to love and to be loved!  What a hope each have given us to continue to teach!
It has been such an honor to come into the life of someone who did not know the grace of God only to see them come from the darkness into the light.  And we have interacted with so many that think they are living in the light only to realize through tragedy and/or death that they have been in darkness and only God brought them into the light. 
Every single day there are so many things to face:  traffic jams, a broken coffee pot, caring of elders, cut backs in salary, loss of jobs, homelessness, loss of life:  but whatever the stress each of us face in our own little world; there is one constant, ever-knowing presence–God.  It doesn’t matter whether we know HE is there or not–HE is so patient and so loving, our LORD will wait for us to reach out for HIM.
There have been so many questions; yet one stands out for me.  Why do we have to face tragedy before we realize God exists?  Why do we have to witness pain before we turn to the One who can ease our pain?  In our darkest hour; that is when we reach out to God–how come?
Easy–when we are weak, HE is strong; when we hurt, HE feels our pain and soothes it.  We need to know there is perfection while we are at our lowest.  God teaches us that it is in HIS character to love HIS creation just like it is in the character of a mother to love her child.  And I believe those that feel they have the perfect life; a life they created through their own ‘power’ often fight the hardest against the One who can lift them up.  When the independant thought is there that all is within you to achieve ultimate goals and when that fails…a low point comes into view that only God can see!  But GOD knows our stubborn pride.  GOD knows how hard it is for us!  HE knows because HE feels our pain!  HE is our CREATOR; HE made us; HE knows us!  HE knows every hair on our head!  He says our name on HIS lips!
Those we meet on this journey while we teach the Word of God remind us of our stubborness before being saved by the Cross.  What a joy to see people reach out to Jesus, with the realization that He went to the Cross to die for us.  Because we are sinful from the sin inherited through Adam, Jesus had to come in perfection to take on the sin and set us free from that inheritance! 
What an honor to see the love people have for the Lord!  Even in times of stress!  Especially in times of stress!  Thank you Lord for bringing those people to us!  We love them all!
I thank God every day for His Son!  I thank God every day for the Cross!  Thank You, Lord, for bringing me to this place; in this time, to teach and to share!  Thank you, Lord, for this website so those that love to share the message of God’s Love at Work can enjoy this site! 
Please pray for these people in need:  Linda for Breast Cancer; Jerry and Ray for ‘unspoken’; Preston for living arrangements; Tamara for job; Mike for loss of legs; Tom for Salvation; Prissy/Janet/Billy/Dotty for Cancer; Kevin and Charles for Heart; Thelma for back injury; Caroline for Broken Ribs;
Thank you, Lord!  Thank you All!

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