Icons Die! Leviticus 26:1

Yesterday I heard of three icons in the entertainment world had passed away!  Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, Ed McMann!  It is interesting to watch television project reactions around the world about these icons in their industry dieing.  I don’t know much about how Ed McMann passed away, but he had lived a full and productive life!  Farrah Fawcett, a cancer fighter, succombed to her disease; and Michael Jackson of apparent cardiac arrest.

Michael Jackson’s death has overshadowed the others, sadly!  Farrah fought a brave and dignified battle against an incidious disease and my observation is that she died with the love of the Lord in her heart.  Regardless of her religious beliefs Farrah had faith and her faith brought her home to be with the Lord!  Ed McMann, I knew very little about. 
Michael, I knew little about.  I just feel sad for him, dieing so young, and so very confused.  He didn’t know if he was black or white and sang about it.  Although acquitted of pediphilia and/or any wrong doing with children, he lived with the stigma of being labelled.  He was a man, but wore makeup like a clown.  He loved his children but dangled one over a high rise balcony.  He was a businessman, but declared bankruptcy.  He is gone and it is my prayer that rather than the world idolozing this man/boy, they should just mourn him and leave his family alone. 
I get very frustrated at the media when they invade the privacy of those in mourning.  I don’t wish to see the pain on Ryan O’Neil’s face when he talks about his beloved Farrah.  I don’t care to watch the hypocrisy of shocked teens sitting on the sidewalk stunned at Michael’s death.  These people who are now with the Lord, and we pray they are, and their families deserve to be left alone to mourn in their own private and personal way and I, for one, don’t want to invade nor impose on their grieve.  THE MEDIA SHOULD LEAVE THEM ALONE!  Stop glorifying them and stop making them more than what they were: human and frail!
I am sure we all agree that God was with them in their final moments and we pray that God be with their families during this time of loss!  We pray for peace for Ryan and peace for Michael’s and Ed’s family!
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Sharon; Leviticus 26:1

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