“Oh my god”………..

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god“Oh my god”, is a common phrase today!
With precious thought given to those words they say;
When I as a Christian hear that expression so clear
I crinch thinking a call has gone out to One so dear.
Most don’t even know what it means when they shout
“Oh my god”,  is part of their speech, no doubt!
But each time I hear it, it pains me so, deep inside
My God so close to my heart and by my side
Like a Friend, like a Rock, but Holy and profound,
That when I hear that phrase, what I have found
It is like a soft blow causing me to react!
In a way not Christian so I am slow to act!
But if you see me object to that cry
Understand I cannot be quiet, so by and by
I will correct you and adjust your speech
Instead of My God, how about you reach
For another phrase, like my gosh, or my goodness
But leave My God out of your man made messes!
For when you cry out to our God and our Father;
He will hear you cry and will take care of the matter;
When that may not be what you want at all
Be careful what you wish for or what you call
For His Presence is everywhere and He hears each of us
Phrases not meant as a cry for help, but perhaps a cus
So clean up your words, watch what you say
Be a witness for our God, each and every day!
He is the Giver of life, the Creator, our LORD
Master of all, protector of all, and our living Word!
So honor is due HIM and all our words of respect
Humble speech and phrases that we must pick!
My God, My God, do not forsake those who know not
Loving us, keeping us, and we were bought!
By Your Precious Son on the cross long ago
Through Your Grace, a defeated foe!
Thank you, God, for your patience, your kindess so pure
Help keep us strong and so we too can endure
The enemy that tempts and pushes us too far
When we can’t do it, it is God who raises the bar!
For He is the Defeater of Sin and of Pain
So Eternal Life for all is what we will gain!!!!!
Sharon, Matthew 25:46

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