Thank You Jesus! Colossians 3:15

A thankful autumn is this timely season
When Christians all turn to Jesus as the reason
To be grateful for all He has blessed us with
For health, love and peace as a timely gift.

When we look to the stars or the sun or the moon
Signs quickly reveal He is coming and soon
Are we ready in spirit, in character or need
Do we know He will only judge faith, not deed?

When the colors are bright and there is frost in the air
We bend down on our knees and we pray that He cares
For this thankful time is our chant and our cry
Knowing that Jesus hears and knows we try!

We look to our Christ as a brand new start
Boldly knowing He loves us and He knows our heart
So turn around your thinking if you haven’t already
For Christ will give you strength when He knows you are ready!

Christ is our mediator, our protector, our source
As Christians we know God is our main resource
To lift up praise and give thanks for His Holy Name
Because after He resides with us, we are never the same!

So after the prayful thanks for all we have and for all we do
Bend a knee, hang a head, know Jesus will always be with you!

Sharon;  Colossians 3:15

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