Before Marriage!

After Joseph and Mary were betrothed, but not together yet, Mary found herself with Child.  How incredible and overwhelming that must of been for a sweet, innocent teenage woman to find herself pregnant with a Child and yet never have known what it was to lie with a man.
However, when the angel of the Lord spoke to her, she knew what was truth:  That she would conceive of the Holy Spirit!  She had unconditional faith; even though she did not feel that Child inside her, moving, yet; even though she knew she would face adversity, in light of her growing condition; she had faith.  She may have been put aside by Joseph and could have even been stoned!  To death!  What devoted faith!  What unquestioning faith! Faith worthy to receive and conceive a King!
Could we be as strong as Mary was, at a time when it could have gone very bad for her?
Examine your faith, seek a stronger connection to our Savior, receive Him as King and you will be just as worthy as Mary!
Sharon, Matthew 1:18

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