Free! Romans 6:18

Mankinds enemy, the devil, is a liar and has been from the beginning; but he is so very plausible that, like Eve, we are led to believe him. Yet, time and again, through our experience we shall prove him a liar.  Satan says we shall fall from grace, dishonor our character, and perish in the doom of apostates; but, trusting in the Lord Jesus, we shall  prove that Jesus loses none whom His Father gave Him. Jesus tells us  we will fail, and not conquer, yet He will conquer; we shall forget, but He will not forget us!  And yet, as we sin, and while we sin He will prepare us a table in the presence of our enemies. 
The devil whispers that the Lord will not deliver us out of the trial which is to come in the future, and he threatens that the last will not be first. What a liar he is! For the Lord will never leave us, nor forsake us. “Let him deliver now!” cries the false fiend: but the Lord will silence him by coming to our rescue.

He takes great delight in telling us that death will prove too much for us.  Again, such a liar…for our faith in our Lord and Saviour Jesus, has freed us from the pain of death!  We are free!  Free to live forever!


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